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I would like to express how very pleased I am with my 90 day home warranty service and coverage from Residential Warranty Services. I appreciate my Realtor, Rebecca Dawson and broker Jim Dawson, for their time and hard work and to Rod Dunn of Inspector Clouseau Home Inspections, for offering me such a great benefit. But, mostly, to Franki Vespa and James Beckley for all their help staying in touch with me, keeping me informed on the process, and letting me know what else I needed to send so that things could be completed and covered.

Again, I am very pleased and send my thanks.

~Cindy McDaniel Bowen
San Antonio

Rod Dunn and Donna Jeffrey with Inspector Clouseau Home Inspections in San Antonio, TX, are the owners of one of nearly 4000 top home inspection companies in North America you can find at InspectionCentral.net. With every inspection, they provide a RecallChek report and a 90-Day Limited Warranty from Residential Warranty Services and the RWS Inspector Services Group. Use the right inspector. Keep clients happy. - with Donna Jeffrey and Rod Dunn.

I am very happy with Golden Rule Home Inspections. Len Gluckstal is a very good and professional home inspector and he gave us a very detailed report. I really appreciate my Realtor Albert Baeza (Re'Max Realty Team in Cape Coral) referring him for our home inspection. Golden Rule provided a 90 day warranty and it quickly and easily resolved my plumbing problem I had after moving in. Thank you!

~Ronghua Zhang

Len Gluckstal with Golden Rule Home Inspections in Fort Myers, FL is one of nearly 4000 top home inspection companies in North America you can find at InspectionCentral.net. With every inspection, he provides a RecallChek report and a 90-Day Limited Warranty from Residential Warranty Services and the RWS Inspector Services Group.

I just got The Hungry Home Inspector book in the mail. Thanks Nathan. I'm on page 83, and it is amazing, I'm going to be sad when this book is finished. I would like to see you write a book about starting from scratch in this industry, everything from buying tools to education and marketing. I would honestly say that this is one of my all time favorite books, it ranks right next to another favorite read of mine The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach.

~Jason Denby, Home Inspector

Due to this report we discovered our dehumidifier has been recalled and we need to take action. This was so helpful!

~M. Murphy, Home Inspector Client
Venice, FL

After a year and a half using RecallChek successfully, I got some great feedback. Yesterday a Realtor who uses me was at an inspection. She said her cousin who I did an inspection for had a dishwasher come up on RecallChek. She said the company came out and installed a brand new dishwasher for free. I am a hero for her, and she could not quit praising me and RecallChek. It is so great to know when I tell someone it will be fixed or replaced for free, it really will be so.

Thanks Nathan for making me look good. Just wanted to share this with you guys.

~Bill Moore, Home Inspector
Buyers Inspection Services
San Antonio, TX

We have been utilizing the RecallChek and 90 Day Warranty (RWS) for some years now. We actually have agents and clients, when calling for a quote, making sure they get these services!

The word is out around our little area of the Gulf Coast of Alabama. We give these services to our clients at no charge. We appreciate the professionalism and courtesy given to our clients when there is an issue.

With your help we have grown our business to the point of hiring and training 2 new inspectors and office and marketing assistants because we stay so busy in the field now!!

We had an inspection company in our town that told some agents and customers that would call for a quote, that the warranty service we offered wasn't worth the paper it was written on. We prove them wrong all the time by getting the jobs they don't!

Thank you for helping our company grow.

We are grateful,

~Steve and Bridget Mears
A Pro Alliance Inspection Services

Nearly all of InterNACHI's most successful members utilize RecallChek, including the largest inspection company in the U.S. and thousands of others in nearly every market. It's so simple and inexpensive to implement, there's really no excuse NOT to offer this service. If you want to know how to make more money in this business, this is it. Differentiating yourself is key, and RecallChek is hands-down the best way to do exactly that. If I were to start an Inspection business tomorrow, the first thing I would do is join InterNACHI. The second thing I would do is sign up for RecallChek.

~Nick Gromicko
Founder, InterNACHI

As a home inspector, I appreciate the ability to offer a 90 day warranty to my clients. This helps make them feel even more at ease, and sets me apart that much more over my competition.

As for the recall check program, this is great! It is fast, accurate, the report is impressive on line and in print, and Clients love it!

I like offering this premium service, and appreciate the edge ever my competition. It is great sales tool when you are being selected from among other inspectors.

The folks at Residential warranty services are friendly, courteous, and helpful, and offer great services! I am glad to be associated with their company.

~Matthew Irion
M.K.I. Premium Home Inspections

Hi Michael Doerr,

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how impressed I am with the RecallChek program. I did an inspection yesterday, a Saturday (not normal), and submitted the RecallChek data late in the afternoon and I told my clients to expect it as early as next week. Imagine my surprise when I opened my e-mail this evening and saw the report within 12 hours. What great service! I'm impressed, and I'm sure my clients are impressed as well.

Thanks for everything you do for me!

~Jack Feldmann
Clayton Inspection Service, Inc.

Their service provided to my clients & Realtors is outstanding. They treat each claim for the 90 Day Warranty with Professionalism. They are aware of the stresses associated with a claim and they work non-stop to make sure the outcome is positive.

The RecallChek is such an outstanding product. One of our Realtors was gathering this information for his clients; now he relies on us and this report, which saves him time!

I have great trust in RWS. Their innovation is exciting and I always look forward to learning more about each product they introduce!

~Liz Rothweiler
Castle Home Inspections

I have been using RecallChek and 90 Day Warranty since day one and my clients love them.

I had one agent that was able to retrieve stolen appliances because of RecallChek, so that agent is sold on the program. (An unintended benefit of the program... having model and serial numbers available)!

Thank you for your support and the great innovation you continue to bring to our profession.

~David Ritchie
Touchstone Home Inspection Services

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